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Contracts & Installation Division

Our company has a distinguished trajectory and high quality work.


Mechanical Installation for the Industry:

1. Installation & fabrication of Carbons Steel , Stainless Steel pipes.
2. Carbon Steel and galvanized.
3. Plastic piping and Stainless Steel Piping.
4. Teflon lined piping.
5. Installation & startup of mechanical systems.
6. Agitation tanks and reactors.
7. Variable speed control .
8. Vacuum Pump Systems.
9. Diaphragm and Centrifugal Pump Systems.
10. Dust Collector Systems.
11. Heat Exchangers.
12. Process related equipment installation. 


General Construction Services:

 1.  Fabrication of structures, concrete and related work.
2.   Construction and repair of gates and fences.
3.   Combined steel and gravalum work for walls and ceilings.
4.   Installation of ceramic floor tiles, acoustic ceiling, gypsum board and wall tiles.
5.   Installation of modular offices.
6. Cleaning, reconditioning and painting . 


Structural Fabrication Services:

1.   Fabrication of steel structures combined with different materials.
2.  Jobs done with structural pieces and corrosion resistant FRP grating.
3.  Fabrication of parts & hoods in Stainless Steel & PVC. 


Specialized Jobs :

1.  Fabrication & Installation of sanitary piping and its components.
2.  Fabrication and Repair of parts for production machines.
3. Installation of Isolator System for the pharmaceutical process. 

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