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Life Science Pharmaceutical and Food Processing Products

Our company has a distinguished trajectory and high quality work and services.


Containment Systems & Whisper-Booth  

Containment Systems are barrier/isolators that provide totally contained processing of solid dosage and parenteral products. EnGuard Systems are ergonomically integrated with the process equipment to protect personnel, product and environment.

The low noise Whisper-Booth, this compact Downflow Booth achieves noise levels of aprox. 60dba which is less than a normal conversation, making it one of the quietest downflow booths. 


Clean Room

Ceiling modules and Clean room accessories  


Gear Pumps

The best technology humidity control, oil and particle removers for compressed air contaminants. Applications for pharmaceutical, food and general industries process with a 99% efficiency in 1 micron particles in the point of use.


Powder Handling

Powder granulation and others solids handing, containment and sampling solutions for the pharmaceuticals and process industries. Includes transfer systems, drum containments or isolation bulk containers filling, powder sampling, powder blending and process charging. 


 Magna-Safe products

Magna-Safe has a wide range of sealless mixers to meet your every requirement. It begins with the need to prevent product contamination and MagnaSafe can achieve this by eliminating costly mechanical seals and implementing a maintenance free design magnetic driven liquid mixers for Bio-reactors, Pharmaceutical Blending and a wide range of clean and aseptic products mixing process. 


Water treatment and purification

Single source for water and process treatment and purification for Bio-Pharmaceutical production USP and WFI systems with the best technologies in pre-treatment, micro, ultra and nano filtration, electrode ionization (EDI), Reverse Osmosis (RO) Multiple-Effect Still and others ecomagination. 

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