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Our company has a distinguished trajectory and high quality work.

PREDCO invites you to review PR's most dedicated distribution and service center. Our salesmen with over 20 years of experience are proud to present you an Industrial Products’ line card for your evaluation. Choose us as your next order supplier and we guarantee your satisfaction of our products and services. 

HEPA filters & Ceiling Modules- Airguard
Dust Collector – Clark Filter
Disc Filter – Met-Pro
Liquid Filter-GE Process Filtration
Air/Gas Filters-GE Process Filtration
Sanitary Filter Housings-GE process Filtration
Process Equipment Media Filters-Shaffer Products
Electrode Ionization(EDI)- GE Process Filtration
Reverse Osmosis (RO)- GE Process Filtration
ANSI-Centrifugal Process Pumps-Met-Pro Dean
Diaphragm Pump Accessories-Yamada
Metering Pumps-Nikkiso
Sanitary Centrifugal Pumps-Top Line
Sanitary Rotary Pumps-Top Line
Multistage Tonkaflo-GE Water
Corrosion Resistant –Sethco & Mefiag
Top Flo –Top Line
Heavy Duty Construction- Ram Parts Pump
Gear Pump- Tuthill
Double Diaphragm Pump- Yamada
ANSI Flanged inlet/outlet- T&T
Progressing Cavity Pump- Xtra-flow
RO Equipment & Accessories-GE Water
Chemical Treatment-GE Water
E.D.I Equipment-GE Water
USP & WFI Systems-I-pure H2O
Activated Carbon System-GE Water& Mefiag
Media Filters-GE, Met-Pro
Softeners- GE Water
Acuamatic Valves & controls
Filter Press Units-Serfilco
Ozone Generations-GE Water
Activated Carbon Filters- GE Water
Replacements Filters- Various Suppliers
Reverse Osmosis Systems- GE Water & Process Tech.
Self-cleaning Filter System- Automatic Filter (Tekleen)
Portable Mixers-UET
Top Entering Mixers-UET
In-Line Mixers-UET
Magnetically Driven Mixers- Magna Safe
High Shear Mixers
Non-Toxic Lubricants-Fuchs/formerly Darmex
Graphoil & Teflon Packing –W.L. Gore
Filter Regulators-R.T.I.
VFD For Motors-Romark
Pressure Relief Valves-Keckley
Glass Lined Piping-De Dietrich
Fiberglass FRP Resin Products- Fibergrate
Glass Lined Valves & Components-De Dietrich
Liquid Vacuum Systems-Tuthill Vacuum
Dry Running Vac. Pumps-Tuthill Vacuum
High Capacity Vacuum-Dekker Vacuum
Vacuum Blowers-Pacific Blowers
Teflon lined Fittings & Pipes- Various Suppliers
Gate, Globe & Ball Valves- Sharp Valve and Others
Butterfly Valves- Various Suppliers
Sanitary Diaphragm Valves-Top Line
Sanitary Control Valves-Top Line
Flexible Joints (Teflon)-Ethylene
Sight Glasses (Teflon)-Ethylene
Glass Line storage tabs-De Dietrich
Glass Vessels-QVF (De Dietrich)
Glass Lined Reactors & Components-De Dietrich
Stainless Steel Vessels- Various Suppliers
High Nickel or Exotic Alloys-Titan Fabricators
Fiberglass Tanks-Fibertech
Plastic Tank & Containers-Fibertech
Vessel Components, Dip pipes, spargers etc.-Various Suppliers

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