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Pumps and Pumping Products

Our company has a distinguished trajectory and high quality work and services.


Double Diaphragm Pumps

Double diaphragm pumps that operate with compressed air for all kinds of applications. They are made of various materials. Versatile Pumps that are easy to install and require little maintenance or repair parts.


Centrifugal andRegenerative Turbine Pumps

An industry leader in general use industries and hydraulic specialities and the design and manufacture of a complete line of centrifugal and regenerative turbine pumps.


Gear Pumps

The best technology humidity control, oil and particle removers for compressed air contaminants. Applications for pharmaceutical, food and general industries process with a 99% efficiency in 1 micron particles in the point of use.


Resistant Pumps and Filtration Systems 

Sethco Division designs and manufactures corrosion resistant pumps and filtration systems for the chemical, industrial and metal finishing industries.  


Inlet/Outlet Pumps

T&T has a unique line of ANSI Flanged inlet/outlet pumps that are designed for lower cost and easy maintenance, as well as, easy & quick repair. 



GE’s high-pressure, multi-stage, centrifugal Tonkaflo Pumps are ruggedly built to meet requirement for high-temperature performance, chemical compability, or quiet operation Tonkaflo pumps set the industry standard for reliability and life cycle costs, giving you more peace of mind. 


The Top-Flo®

The Top-Flo® name represents the finest in sanitary process equipment. Our pumps have been designed to offer efficient transfer of products over a wide range of head and viscosity conditions. Top-Flo® pumps are easy to install, clean, and operate. 

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