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Maintenance and Repairs Service Division

Our company has a distinguished trajectory and high quality work.


Piping and Components:

1. Replace or repair of pipes and its components in steel
and stainless steel.
2. Cleaning of heat exchangers.
3. Repair and modification of sanitary piping and
its components. 


General Agitator Maintenance & Repairs:

1.  Repairs or modification of existing agitators for change of process.
2.  Change of speed on existing equipment.
3.   Repair, modification of existing equipment.
4.   Reconstruction of transmissions.
5.   Preventive maintenance programs. 


Centrifugal Pump Maintenance:

1. Trouble Shooting pump systems high and low pressure.
2.  Field Repairs.
3.  In house repairs, pumps in general mechanical seal changes
and others.
4.  Preventive maintenance programs for the equipments. 


Diaphragm & Metering Pumps Systems:

1. Trouble Shooting pump systems.
2.  Repair & reconstruction of diaphragm & metering pumps.
3.  Installments, adjustments and repairs of level controls.


Trouble Shooting, Maintenance & Repairs:

1. Trouble Shooting of pumps or systems.
2. Repair or reconstruction of vacuum pumps.
3. Preventive maintenance programs. 


Fume & Dust Collectors Maintenance:

1.  Repairs and balance of air & dust movement System.
2.  Filters and cleaning systems. 


Glass Lined Tank Maintenance & Repairs:

1. Inspections & spark test.
2.  Glass thickness maps.
3.  Glass repairs with the use of tantalum plugs.
4.  Nozzles repairs with Teflon or tantalum sleeves.
5.  Repairs & Installation of mechanical seals.
6.  Repairs of agitator transmissions.
7.  Replacement of tank accessories and components.
8.  Preventive maintenance programs. 


Ventilation & Air Conditioning:

1. Change of filters & preventive maintenance programs . 

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