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Technical Services

Our company has a distinguished trajectory and high quality work.


Fume and Dust Collectors Equipment:

1. Our Company can perform optimization and balancing of environmental equipment, purification systems and dust collectors.

2. We can also modify your existing duck, and can design new channels for you.

3. In the same way we can renew or replace your dust collector. 


1.  Repairs or modification of existing agitators for change of process.
2. Change of speed on existing equipment.
3. Repair, modification of existing equipment.
4. Reconstruction of transmissions.
5. Preventive maintenance programs. 


1. Our technicians take measurements and provide details of glass thickness, metal thickness, and polymer coating thickness for tanks, vessels and associated piping.

2. A detailed engineering report will be prepare based on the data collect which will include devices recommendations and design modifications if needed. The report can be used as a guide for the validation of the project to repair or replace the existing facilities.

3. Perform spark test and mapping for glass or polymer coated vessels.

4. Perform pressure and leak test on heat exchangers , piping and vessels.

5. We can offer studies of tanks and cleaning equipment with excellent results to include recommendations of devices, design, test facilities and supervised for their industry.  


6. Provide support to the management for the implementation of automatic cleaning or cleaning in place and also prepare a feasible study for industries.

7. We can provide the evaluation of your equipment, pumping systems & the provision of piping and / or recommend equipment that meet eligibility requirements.

8. We have knowledge and experience for cleaning equipment applications, with alternatives that will meet your needs as an industry.

9. We also provide the necessary support for actualization of existing facilities, new equipment and meet your cleaning needs. 

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